2024 Yamaha WR450F Review

Yamaha WR450F Overview

The Yamaha WR450F is a dirt bike used for off-ride driving manufactured by Yamaha Motors. Yamaha first time introduced the WR400F in 1998 with a 399cc DOHC engine. In 2011 its updated version came out with a revised carburetor and suspension system. Yamaha wr450f street legal made a lot of efforts for the success of this model. Its overall body and chassis although not look like Ducati and Raider but we should never judge a book by its cover. The company made WR450F in 2003 with electronic start up, new radiators, engine covered in a protector and large wheels with short wheelbase. This model is most liked by the European people and it competes Honda CRF450X which was trending at that time. Honda underwent a lot of changes in its previous model and presented again its new variant.

yamaha wr450f

Yamaha WR450F Supermoto

In this race of companies and the success of both models, yamaha wr450f supermoto updated its 2003 model in 2007 and again in 2012. There were not a lot of modifications but the frame of the Motorcycle was a bit changed because it was already sold at an exponential rate. As time changes people increase their demand and the latest version came out in 2023 with a new body frame and chassis, advanced technology, having Android phone connection system, wireless and USB connectivity, and offers traction control system for safety purposes but with the same engine displacement as it was built in 2003 because there is no need to replace it, it is already a high performance and efficient motorbike.

Modifications and Improvements in Design

Yamaha WR450F is made based on YZ400F with the same body, chassis, and performance except for minor changes in it. The manufacturer made it with full devotion and hard work to give it a smart and sleek design with a beautiful gleam shine for a comfortable ride. This latest version has a short handlebar distance from its cockpit. So, that the rider does not feel any fatigue during the ride. Inside this slim smart body, there are a lot of technical features that the manufacturer fits with an intelligent mind even in less space.

yamaha wr450f

Yamaha WR450F For Sale

There is a large air box through which the air enters from its rear side with the help of tubes or pipes. The exhaust is placed underside the seat. A new single-disc clutch is used instead of a clutch with five plates. 2023 yamaha wr450f offers a new carburetor and suspension settings (KYB suspension) which makes. It reliable to travel on uneven and bumpy roads. It is a different model from its previous trims in the sense that it is also useable for short-heighted persons with less height and less yoke angle.

The Yamaha WR450F has a blue button on its handle which works as a map switch handlebar. This is the first bike ever made by Yamaha having a Power tuner app through.  Which the rider easily adjusts fuel and air mixture according to riding conditions. It is available in Blue color with an Aluminum frame.

Engine Yamaha WR450F

Yamaha is equipped with a four-stroke air-cooled DOHC engine with 450cc engine displacement from which it gets its name WR450F. It is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. It generates 58hp/9000rpm along with 49Nm/7000rpm torque for efficient and smooth performance.

Yamaha WR450F Price 

Yamaha WR450F 2024 has a starting price of PKR 1,699,830.

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