Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R Top Speed, Mileage, Specs And Price

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R Overview

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R 2024 is a sports bike manufactured by Kawasaki Industry in 2020 and its latest updated edition comes out in 2023 in two attractive colors. It has modern machinery and the latest fashionable design. Its new version is designed in Japan and first time launched in Indonesia in the youth’s favorite stylish design. Previous model. The previous models have a dashboard with an analogue speedometer but the latest edition has a new TFT display. It is comprised of a 249.8cc engine with high performance and quicker speed. This TFT display is used for many purposes it informs about traction system, speed, and scooter’s performance. Although it provides a smooth and comfortable ride to the rider with the highly efficient engine.

kawasaki ninja ZX 25r

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R Design

Kawasaki Ninja ZX has two variants, standard, and R named Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R. The latest youthful design is most popularized among the young ones but its production is limited. This latest version has LED lights with integrated turn signals and instead of an analog speedometer, it has a TFT 4.3-inch display, Through which the rider is kept informed about the performance of the bike, traction control system, and its speed.

kawasaki ninja ZX 25r

This instrumentation also provides a smartphone connection, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port for charging. Unlike other bikes and scooters, it is equipped with adjustable USD forks at the front side which is more reliable and expensive than the telescopic forks. It has a single shock absorber at its rear side. It is made up of high-quality rust-free metal with glossy shine colors. All of its variants have given a black touch to the manufacturing of its body parts. Front sleek LED lights and unique indicator lights enhance its stylish look. Its Iconic tail lights give an astonishing view from its rear side. It is much more stylish, fashionable, and attractive than its other trim levels and other previous generations.

How fast is the Kawasaki ZX-25R?

Top Speed of Kawasaki ZX-25R is 187 kmph.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R Engine

It works on a diesel engine. Its DOHC engine generates power of 50hp and it is coupled with 22.9Nm torque. Its fuel tank capacity is 15L. It has a slightly larger exhaust. Its braking hardware comprises of Automatic braking system. This four-inline cylinder engine is paired with a 6-speed transmission gearbox. It is used as a sports bike, frequently used in racing. So, it is specially designed to follow safety rules and regulations to keep the rider safe and secure.

kawasaki ninja ZX 25r

Which Kawasaki’s fastest bike?

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a dream motorcycle for those who prioritize speed. Kawasaki Ninja H2R top speed is 240 mph.

Is ZX-25R heavy?

Control weight is set at 396 lbs (180kg) for the base model, with the ABS model attaching one more 5 lbs for the counter locking brake hardware.

Safety Of Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R is a sports bike and useful in racing, it is equipped with some safety instruments that keep the rider safe and secure. Its braking hardware offers an Automatic braking system and traction control system which has easy access to the TFT display. TFT display is another advanced feature that helps the drivers by giving information about fuel, speed, and performance of the bike. It uses the best quality tubeless tires which can provide a resistance-free ride even on bumpy roads.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25r Price

The Indonesian price of Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R starts at Rs 107.54million.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25r Price in India

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R is anticipated to cost around Rs 8 lakh (ex-showroom).

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