Motorcycle Safety GearThat All Riders Must to Know

5 Motorcycle Safety Ggear Must Haves.

Motorcycle riders need some extra care and protection while driving. Motorcycle ride amuses its riders as well as provides fun but it would be difficult to select the right safety gear for a motorcycle. The rider’s safety and security is the vital thing. A motorcycle safety gear must have.

1. Helmet

Anywhere you go is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. It is specially made for driver’s full motorcycle safety gear. It helps prevent the head injuries and death caused by accidents. An effective helmet has a durable, polystyrene foam inner lining that creates a barrier for any collision or impact outside.

It must have soft-quality strips that keep the ride in comfort. Motorcycle helmets are available in many varieties such as face, open-face, modular, half-shell, and dual sport helmets. It is essential to choose the right fit so that your eyes, lips, and face are fully protected and it matches legal standards. So, always follow these tips to buy any helmet that meets your needs.

2. Jacket

Motorcycle Jackets protect your limbs, internal organs, back, and other vital organs from any injury in case of an accident. It’s very important motorcycle safety gear to choose a special motorcycle jacket, an ordinary leather jacket is not enough for your safety. Motorcycle jackets are of two types: Leather or Textile (cloth) material.

Textile jackets are very cheap and abrasion-resistant jackets. Leather jackets are slightly expensive and it offers a beautiful “classic” biker style. To increase visibility on the road it is advised to wear florescent bright colors. Whichever material you use for your jacket must have the capability of wind resistance and it must protect your vital organs from injury. Because Your safety matters.

3. Gloves

Motorcycle gloves of the highest quality are an important component of safety equipment. You will most likely extend your hands after any collision to arrest your fall. The gloves must be made of abrasion-resistant material because the palm is the first thing to strike against the ground in a crash.

A good set of gloves must fully enclose your hands, palms, wrists, and fingers. Skin must not be exposed from it and the sleeves of the jacket and gloves must be overlapped with each other. To ensure that gloves stay tightly to your hands, motorcycle safety gear gloves should have a retention band around your wrist. It must provide armor to the Palm and knuckles. Before purchasing motorcycle gloves, do a test for them. It must have a grip on your hand and this tight grip should never stop your blood flow.

4. Riding pants

Motorcycle safety gear pants for riders are a necessity to protect their knees and legs from injury. Just like jackets, These pants are also made of special abrasion-resistant material, leather, or fabric. It is specially designed to protect your knees, hips, and shins from any injury in a crash.

Your legs must feel free while wearing these pants. It would not be tight enough to prevent you from driving. Make sure that these pants are appropriate for wet and dry conditions. Sometimes these pants offer resistance in wet conditions. Some brands manufacture Driving pants in jeans and Kevlar material but these would not protect you. It’s better to use Textile and leather material that is abrasion resistant also.

Riding pants

5. Boots

High-quality Motorcycle safety gear boots are an essential component of safety gear. The motorcycle weighs about 150 kg. As a result, a pair of boots helps you in two ways:

  1.  It would safeguard your ankles and feet from rash or injury.
  2.  It can hold weight on even and unpredictable surfaces.

Boots must provide ankle support and maximum grip to the foot. The boots must be nonslip and oil-resistant. The boots must be insufficiently protective.

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