Lexus CT 200h Review Price Range & Top speed

2024 Lexus CT 200h Overview

2024 Lexus CT 200h is a self-rechargeable hybrid Electric hatchback, full of comfort and luxury, first time introduced in 2010 by Geneva Motors. It was the best product with a high market value. It is the world’s first luxurious hybrid vehicle with a lot of changes in its overall structure and performance. Its power, elegant appearance, and decent styling enhance its beauty. Lexus CT 200h is the most popularized product of the company due to its features.

It has not only changed its driving mode but also completely modified internally and externally and has installed much-advanced safety features. Lexus took its first step towards innovation and all of its success is due to its technical mind and scientific approach. The manufacturer completes its manufacturing in an aerodynamic style. It is a fuel-efficient, self -rechargeable, and environment-friendly vehicle. Due to its technical specifications, it is most popular among young ones.

lexus ct 200h

Is Lexus CT 200h a Reliable car?

Lexus CT 200h ranks 1st out of 17 luxury compact cars with a Reliability Rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, indicating excellent ownership costs with an average annual repair cost of $386.

lexus ct 200h

 Lexus CT 200h External look

The impressive exterior looks elegant with a wide bumper and crisscross black grill, strong fenders, and a bonnet at the front side. 2012 lexus ct 200h unique and stylish LED lights are present just below the arrowhead-shaped DRLs. Modifications in the rear side give a dynamic appearance with wide bumpers and L-shaped taillights. These lights are designed in such a way that they get narrow and narrow as they turn toward the upper side. The front grill also turns inside from its center giving a sharp appearance.

All the curves and body lifting offer an extraordinary shape to 2013 lexus ct 200h which enhances its beauty. It has five doors with an excellent well-spaced interior. All the counting in Lexus CT done by the manufacturer is only to make its agile and sleek design. Changes are not only limited to the upper portion and interior compartment but the Wheels are also updated from previous trims like it has 17-19 inches forged Aluminum wheels. Highly Effective braking and suspension system improves the driving experience by smooth and comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

Lexus CT 200h internal Design

The interior spacious cabin has leather-trimmed comfortable and power-operated seats. All the seats are adjustable and have armrests as the rear seats are also equipped with footrests. lexus ct 200h hybrid has a 10.0-inch TFT display with navigation and communication facility. There is a clean dashboard with a central console. This display is integrated with a colorful infotainment screen with a proper sound system. It also offers Android Auto compatibility. There is a USB port and wireless charging system. Lexus CT 200h top speed provides Bluetooth and hotspot connectivity. All the interior requirements like cup holders, seat belts, Air condition etc. The battery uses a charging system, as it slows down, its kinetic energy is used to charge it.

lexus ct 200h

Lexus CT 200h Engine and Battery

The power and performance system includes a hybrid of a 1798cc engine and a 60KW electric motor. Both generate 136DINhp with smooth and efficient performance. It can accelerate the vehicle in just 10.3 sec from 0-100Km.

Lexus CT 200h Safety Equipment’s

Safety Equipment is helpful in a safe journey. Lexus ct 200h f sport has some advanced safety instruments along with the common ones like has traction system, pedestrian traction, blind spot detection, collision warning assistance, rear cameras, parking sensors, airbags cruise control, Electronic stability control (ESC), Automatic braking System, Traffic lights sensors, etc. All the features are helpful for a safe journey but the driver must have full attention while driving.

Lexus ct 200h Price

Its estimated cost is PKR 5,095,000.

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