Toyota Supra Overview Price and Specs

Overview Of Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is a Sedan and SUV models produced by the world famous companies Toyota and BMWZ4 in coordination with each other. Its latest model produced in 2023 which belongs to the fifth generation of the Supra.It is the successor of the A80 Supra, which ceased production in 2002. For the very first time, Toyota Supra was announced to the market in 1978. Toyota Supra  Body frame is made up of Aluminium and steel. The manufacturer has introduced a lot of modifications and improvements in latest model of Toyota Supra like its suspension system and braking hardware brought a new revolution in its overall performance.

The exterior astonishing look captivates its viewers and impresses all the roadsider by its heart touching style and smooth ride.The 3.0-litre Lightweight manual transmission in the revised model popularized much in the lineup. Toyota Supra’s comes out with most beautiful striking colors like Super Red which offers an elegant view and has a classic color combo with black 19inches wheels. toyota supra mk5 is the name of elegacy, supreme quality and efficient performance.

toyota supra

Exterior Design:

The most fabulous, gorgeous, classical and made with all the facilities , feel like a home , classical shape and dynamic stylling wins the hearts of enthusiasts. All the models of Toyota Supra are front wheel drive. GR Supra has 18-in. split-spoke wheels established by Michelin. It has Energetic Rear LED Taillights or tail lamps that are a red warning light on the rear side of the vehicle. Toyota supra’s forged wheels of gunmetal grey color made with aluminum alloy. It has auto folding adjustable black covered mirrors that have memory function. It has an LED front turn signal indicator Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and LED backup light and Auto-tilting side mirrors. Dual exhausts with polished and brushed tips made up of stainless steel.

Interior Design:

The interior of the toyota supra mk4 GR is designed in such a way that it has Manual sport seats with a lumbar adjustment that makes the vertical column relaxed and bolster adjustment comprised of cushion seats that give a comfortable sitting area. It has a 3-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters covered with black leather. Cushions for knee support are also present. It has a rearview mirror with auto-dimming and garage opener qualities. Its interior trim is made up of carbon fibers. An automatic climate control system is also installed in this vehicle. Its interior looks amazing having a full HD display of 8.8-in. touchscreen with high-quality features. It has Bluetooth and USB connectivity with auto navigation bar control. toyota has passengers storage space for placing any type of luggage. It has a smart key system.

toyota supra

Engine Specifications:

Toyota Supra is powered by a  High-performance engine that produces a maximum power of 382 hp  and a maximum torque of 368 lb./ft This model carries 6 cylinders all with inline configurations and there are a total 16 number of valves, 4 Valves per cylinder and the engine has manual transmission. Its Top speed is 155 Km per hour. It has a Rack and Pinion type of steering. Its fuel type is petrol and its tank capacity is 80 liters.

 Safety Equipment:

Toyota Supra is blessed with Power door locks, Airbags,  Engine immobilizer, Multi-info system Front and rear seat belts Cruise control Vehicle stability control, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Brake Assist (BA), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Traction Control (TRAC) system present in it.

Price of Toyota GR Supra 2023:

Toyota Supra has a wide variety of features furnished with a lot of qualities . So according to trim levels its cost increases. The (MSRP) for the Toyota GR Supra, 2023 starts at $45,735. All the variants which are technically modified  and equipped with advanced safety instruments have greater value and greater demand of customers especially young ones. Each vehicle’s performance and comfortability increases its popularity.

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