Pontiac Trans AM The Legendry

Pontiac Trans AM Overview

Pontiac Trans AM is an American product manufactured by Pontiac.  The first time it was introduced in the world in 1967. The American company is well known for producing steep cars.  Pontiac Trans Am is popularized in the world due to its powerful performance and iconic design. 

It has been a point of attraction for enthusiasts for many years. By considering some of them, the first point that comes to our mind is Muscle Cars. Pontiac cars are one of the longest-running vehicles. Trans AM was placed in a hit movie which boosted up its image to the world.  As it is well known that everything has an end so it covers a difficult way from iconic car to Extinct. Firebird Trans AM was designed to compete with its two biggest rivals Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, but in 2002, General Motors ceased its production. However, its exhilarating performance makes it a true icon in the American Muscle car.

Pontiac Trans AM

History of Pontiac Trans AM

Trans AM was an upgraded model of Firebird with certain modifications in spoiler, brake vents, and engine compartments. According to the Clean Air Act of 1970, some changes have occurred in all models to reduce the emissions from engines. This legendary 2021 pontiac trans am acted as a movie car in 1977. The features included in it were gold honeycomb aluminum wheels with matching pin striping and the iconic golden hood decal.

Super duty 455 was one of the high-performance versions of pontiac trans am for sale in 1974, its specialty was that it had a handheld V8 engine with 455 cubic inches of displacement which produced power of 310hp, had NASCAR engine qualities, with much-advanced crankshaft and heads.

The EPA instructed to install a new EGR system in all cars which reduces its power to 290hp. Pontiac trans am 1982 in this addition of Turbo was still useless, it further reduced engine power to 210hp. After struggling for so many years in 2002. 

The Trans Am came out with the powerful WS6 package LS1 V8 which generates power of 325 horsepower. Despite so many improvements and modifications in trans-AM, it was discontinued after the 2002 model year. After so long in 2017, Trans AM returned to the west coach of the 1980 pontiac trans am Championship Series in partnership with Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA).

Pontiac Trans AM interior

Trans AM 2023 Power and Performance

Pontiac Trans AM comes with a 7.5 V8 engine proficient in generating more than 1000 horsepower. It can be done only by adding a 2.9-liter twin-supercharger with a top speed of 320 km/h.

Trans AM some Key features

Engine: 427 LS7
Gearbox: Muncie four-speed manual
Diff: 12-bolt, 3.70 gears

Wheels: Pro Stock

Interior Of Trans AM

  • Stock seats covered in black and red velour
  • VDO gauges
  • Hurst shifter


The Pontiac Trans AM has the most classic and appealing design with new changes in it

  • Long and broad hood
  • Thin spoiler on the rear side
  • LED lines on the rear end
  • comfortable steering wheel
  • Slightly raised gearbox
  • Beautiful design on seats, headrests
  • Mat on floors.
  • Painted Doorways
  • Traditional vents
  • Two airbags
  • Automatic brakes
  • A transmission lock
  • Cruise control
  • Standard convertible doors
  • New traction control system
  • Film aluminum wheel

Pontiac of Trans AM Price 

Pontiac Trans AM price starts at $85,995


The Pontiac Trans AM is one of the best choices for the most astonishing and stylish automobile. It offers a lot of features with certain modifications in it. Such as a new traction system has been introduced in 2023 Trans AM.  A 5 film Aluminum wheel is another new feature added to it. It has a V8 engine superior to all. All these features make it worthy for its enthusiasts. The Pontiac Trans AM is a unique and gallery-type car, with an amazing design that gives a new touch to the American Muscle car industry.

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