Kawasaki GPZ 900 R Performance Top Speed And Reviews


Kawasaki GPZ 900 R is a legendary sports bike with the most efficient and powerful performance having game-changing capability. Kawasaki is not a new manufacturing company in the market but it has been manufacturing its products since 90’s. As the Kawasaki ZX25R is a super sports bike with elegant beauty and bold colors, similarly Kawasaki GPZ900R has the same features and qualities except for design and engine capacity. Kawasaki GPZ900R has been debuted since 1984 and it continued its production till 2014 until its revised model came out. It is the first-ever motorcycle having an in-line liquid-cooled 16-cylinder DOHC engine with 908cc engine displacement. It is the most prominent motorcycle in the Japanese market as well as in other neighboring countries. Kawasaki has made a world speed record of 155mph and has much popularity due to its unique styling, and less body weight. The manufacturer made it with keen interest and the design was too old but became popular even in today’s world. It has modern machinery and the latest fashionable design.

Features and Specifications:

The external body is made up of a double cradle frame composed of iron. The front telescopic forks and rear Uni-Track suspension system help to travel smoothly on uneven roads.High-quality tires with a rear wheel slightly larger than the front one offer maximum grip and a traction control system. It has improved its exhaust system for proper emission of particulate gases. The Aluminum metal covers the muffler and connects the swingarm to the rear end which provides support and strength to the Bike. It has a smaller windscreen as compared to other Kawasaki products. It is used as a sports bike, frequently used in racing. So, it is specially designed to follow safety rules and regulations to keep the rider safe and secure. The TFT display is another advanced feature that helps the drivers by giving information about fuel, speed, and performance of the bike. It uses the best quality tubeless tires which can provide a resistance-free ride even on bumpy roads.

Its Front sleek and rectangular LED lights along with unique indicator lights enhance its stylish look. Its Iconic tail lights give an astonishing view from its rear side. It is much more stylish, fashionable, and attractive than its other trim levels and other previous generations. The body offers an average ground clearance of 31.1 inches. The elevated fuel tank does not hinder the rider from easy access to the handlebar and the driver feels comfortable riding for many hours.

Kawasaki GPZ900R black

Engine, power, and performance:

It has the company’s first liquid-cooled inline 16-valve DOHC engine which generates power of 108hp/ 9500rpm and it is coupled with 62.9lb./ft at 8500rpm torque. Its fuel tank capacity is 22L. It reached to maximum speed of 155mph breaking the record of 150mph. This engine works by using a 6-speed gearbox.


The prices of Kawasaki vary in their range depending on the features and qualities of the products.GPZ900R is the older version of Kawasaki and it was sold out in £4,249.

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