Dodge Dart Expert Review Of The Used 2016.

Dodge Dart Overview

The Dodge Dart is a front-engine, front-wheel drive, four-door compact sedan that was manufactured and marketed by then FCA US LLC, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The automobile was introduced at the 2012 Auto Show in Detroit, A North American International show. After the discontinuation of the  Dart, 2016 was the last model year with the last model “Dodge Dart GT”. 1960 Dodge Dart was first introduced . It was available in many versions but after the discontinuation of one version, another version was revealed. The most well-known versions are SXT sport, Turbo, and GT sport, which is under discussion now.

Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart Design

Dodge Dart Presented a very impressive and comfortable interior with an overwhelming exterior design. It is a compact sedan five-seater car with multiple colors. But the interior is designed best in black color with red stitching. Which gives an astonishing look to the vehicle.

The dodge dart 2013 exterior of the vehicle has a black grill with cross lines with all black color in its surroundings, automatic bi-function headlamps with time running lights for increasing attractiveness. Exhuast on the front bonnet and a fax hood scoop, fog lamps, door handles and mirrors with the integration of lights on made it superior from all.  The body material is made up of galvanized steel and aluminum panels with overlapping black paint. Rear LED taillights give the vehicle a more appealing view.

Dodge Dart Interior

The impressive interior has a comfortable sitting area for passing persons.  The inside of the car is furnished with leather with leather seats and its Rack pinion steering wheel is also covered with leather.  In the interior décor, there was 2 display screen. One with monitoring buttons for driver’s assistance and another. One with an 8.4-inch screen with has infotainment system, with audio/video, phone, and Bluetooth connectivity.

1970 dodge dart vehicle has cupholders, for placing any liquid material armrests, and an automatic air conditioning system for making the inner area fresh and comfortable.

Dodge Dart Engine and Transmission

The dodge dart 1970 GT sport has a 2.4 L Regular unleaded multi-air engine that is present with four inline cylinders and 16 valves.  This gasoline engine produces 174 Nm @ 4800 Rpm highest torque with 184 horsepower, available in both 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions with a maximum speed of 204 kilometers per hour. These features are important for the success of vehicle production.

Dodge Dart Comfort and Security

The comfort of cars will be for different trim levels but security and safety features will be the same among all just as airbags, seat belts, front rear cameras.

ABS, stability control, and traction control, just in all vehicles. Front seats have lumber support and extra head space, for backside passengers there is a leg space area. Dodge Dart 1960 has a Multipurpose steering wheel for driver’s help. Nothing new in this regard has been done with this model.

Dodge Dart Reason for terminating production:

2016 was the last year for Dodge Dart Productions because the company has not gained enough profit from these compact sedan vehicles. There was less competition for these compact sedan cars.

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