2024 Yamaha TTR 110 Features And price

Yamaha TTR 110 2024

2024 Yamaha ttr110 is a dirt bike that was launched in 1993 by world-renowned Yamaha Motors. It is available with a 110cc engine and only one blue color. Its most simple, unique, and decent styling makes it less expensive but a premium quality bike. This offroader is an ideal dirt bike for beginners because of its low performance engine which makes it quite easy to ride.

A semi-automatic transmission is paired with a 110cc, 4-stroke air-cooled engine. Furthermore, because there are no radiators it does not overheat due to its overflow. In addition to this, the automatic cam chain extends the life of the engine and does not require any maintenance. Yamaha ttr110 Battery design is very simple and its power is provided by a compression ratio of 9:3:1. Its exhaust system is suitable for forests and it is kept in a downward direction just far away from the rider’s legs. It has average seat height that even persons with short height can easily drive it with full comfort.

yamaha ttr110

The wheels give it maximum stability and rigidity and its handlebar overcomes the balance of the rider which in turn increases the rider’s confidence. Yamaha ttr110 bike CDI system makes ignition easy and it is based on the electric starter or kick starter system. Its foot pegs are foldable and made of leather. The team has synthesized a unique model, with side and front number plates and a new stylish graphic design imprinted on it.

Extraordinary Key Features of Yamaha TTR 110:

The Yamaha ttr110 dirt bike is a very slim motorbike with low performance engine that is easily accessible for persons belonging to every age. Its fuel tank appears to be sleek in appearance which does not create any imbalance to riders performance during driving like other super sports bikes or bobber bikes. The lateral and rear sides carried number plates.

Its drum brakes are designed in a way to make them work efficiently even from a short distance. It works properly even in emergencies. Its large wheels do not carry any protective case which keeps it safe from mud or other materials. Its instrument cluster acts as a tachometer and speedometer. Seat for second person is not available and seats are composed of vinyl upholstery. Yamaha ttr 110 For Sale has telescopic forks and swingarm suspension helps it to move over uneven pathways etc. Overall, its rigidity, maneuverability, and compatibility help to drive smoothly.

yamaha ttr110 2024

Yamaha TTR 110 Powertrain:

The Yamaha ttr110 is a very reliable and simple bike with a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission. It gets its power from a 110cc, four-stroke air-cooled engine which generates 6 horsepower and 5.8lb/ft of torque in its lightweight machinery.

Yamaha TTR 110 Top Speed:

Yamaha ttr 110 Top Speed with 110cc engine works well to have a maximum speed of 5-15mph.

Yamaha TTR 110 Price:

The products of Yamaha motors are easily reachable to everyone. It has not been decorated with extra frames or unnecessary body parts. Its simple and unique style is available at a very cheap price rate. The company has announced Yamaha ttr 110 price of $2,299.

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